holiday photo cards : should you be in them?

I'm in the slow process of making our holiday photo cards--slow because it's really hard to get the right photo or to edit it so it looks like it's the right photo. And we're going with a 5-photo card this year. Does that sound crazy?

Hawk and I debated whether or not we should be in the photo or if it should just be the kids, but I was pretty fierce that we should. Not because I think everyone wants our faces up on their fridge, I mean, face it, the kids are way better looking. But I know that I love seeing my friends in the card, not only their kids or pets, and I also want to keep record of our family as the years pass. I'm hoping to put together a little photo card album. We've done one every year since our marriage, so it's fun to see how things change.

We also hand-write a message in each card. It's a pet peeve to receive a holiday card that lacks any personal message, even a Hey guys, happy holidays! hand-written. Even a signature is something, you know?

What about you? Do you think it should just be the kids/pets or the whole family together? Or do you think photo cards are over-the-top already? What about a little personal message?



  1. nope I agree, whole family in the pics (at least a couple of them should have you guys too!)

  2. I agree whole family...my brother in law says he has college friends he doesn't even know what they look like anymore and always wonders "who are these kids?" when he gets the Christmas card, ha ha ha. But I am struggling with the photo card. We've done one every year too and I've saved them, but...I feel like it's sending a "hey look at us" rather than "hey look at Jesus" card. I am thinking of it's not too expensive of doing a photo card type thing inside a real Christmas card. Because it's about Jesus, not us. Does that make sense? I really struggled with this last year! But I love the photo card! Oh and I saw this awesome idea on a blog for making your cards into hanging ornaments to hang on your mantle or staircase which I thought was awesome, but I also like the photo album idea. My MIL has an album with one page of pics from that year's Christmas gathering and their Christmas card/letter. FOrty years of them! Pretty cool...

    1. Jen, you could always get real Christmas cards and then just a regular print of the family in the card. (Instead of a photo card in a card)

      Shutterfly and snapfish have been running great deals on prints lately, in case you wanted to go that route :)

    2. Yes, that is a good idea. And sometimes you can personalize prints with Merry Christmas or something like that too. Thanks :)

    3. this is the project with photo cards hung on garland I was talking about!

  3. Whoah that was a long comment. :) I could have just emailed you...but five pics is a lot to fit on one card, wow! can't wait to see the finished product if you post it...

  4. Personal messages are a MUST. Even though "it's the thought that counts," the thought seems to mean something different to me when the entire Christmas card operation was automated: pre-printed greeting, computerized signature, printed address labels. . . . A monkey could put it all together in the right order and get it to the post office (OK, a very cool monkey).

    When I see a friend's handwriting, I feel both a physical and a spiritual connection.

    That's REALLY hard to prioritize, though, I know. I've compromised by sending out Christmas cards only every other year.


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