oh where have you been?

Morning Friends!

Welcome back after what must have been a fantastic weekend! I'm sure you're all stuffed, happy, and eager to get back to work. Or maybe just stuffed and happy?

Thanks for bearing with us the past couple of weeks. We had a virus hit our house like a monsoon that knocked me out and put poor Hawk in the position of Mr. Mom. And then when we were healed, I couldn't get into blogger to post! WTF?

Even though we were sick, the family managed to build our kitchen nook, celebrate Thanksgiving, pick out a Christmas tree, create and order Christmas cards, and drink hot cocoa just about every night. I have a lot to catch you up on!

So I'm very very happy to "see" you all again today. We're back like we never left.

Thanks again for hanging in there.


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  1. sorry about the virus and hope all went well. Arch had some intense Mr Mom time too. sounds like you got a lot done anyway; good for you! I finally have blinds in my bathroom woo hoo!


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