$20 gift idea : memory cards from pinhole press

I'm SO excited. Our Pinhole Press order arrived, and we're just loving the Memory Card Game.

Do you remember the game of Memory? (Here's a newer Hasbro version.) Well I loved playing as a kid because it was such a simple activity but we couldn't play it the same way twice.

Pinhole Press came up with the brilliant idea of doing a custom version in which you use photos of your family and friends, for only $20!!! For each game you choose 12 photos and Pinhole doubles them, prints them onto quality cards, and send them to your front door in a cute little package. The right size for under the tree, in a stocking, and travel--so you can take it anywhere!

We chose to fill our 12 with family photos. Some of our family members live out of city, state, or country (they're crazy adventurous) and this allows us keep family members at the forefront of the kids' minds, in a fun way. I'm hoping to keep adding to this collection, maybe every year, so we can have multiple versions and show people as we age, gracefully, of course. But we may diverge from the family photos in the future and try out something else, still interchanging them with the previous memory cards.

Here are a few ideas for how you could personalize the Memory Card Game.

  1. Kids' art, and then you definitely don't have to keep it around for decades.
  2. Wedding anniversary. Choose your favorite photos, maybe the less formal ones, and give it as a first anniversary present.
  3. Graduation gift. Twelve years of academics pre-college, right? Perfect! Choose a fun photo from each year and present it at their summer party.
  4. Favorite recipes. For the cook or baker in your family, some photos of their favorite dishes would make a cute game that could be brought out during dinner parties. You could put 1-2 photos of dishes they haven't tried and include the recipes with your gift for an added touch.
  5. Work projects. Say your spouse is an architect. It'd be visually interesting as well as a pleasant reminder of the great work he or she has done.
  6. Monthly snapshot. I hear a lot of people do this. Take a photo on the same day of the month to capture where the family is at that point in time. If you did this every year, it would be a sweet timeline!
We love that this is an affordable, quality, custom gift we can enjoy as a family. Ace takes it out every day and names the faces he sees. And I like actually playing the game. Not as easy with a 2-year-old, but more fun than solitaire!

Check out Pinhole Press for some more great holiday ideas! Tomorrow we'll show you our Christmas cards. See you then, friends.



  1. That is so cool! Sure to be a favorite game.

  2. oh how cool. I like your suggested uses too. I don't have kids yet but it could be fun for adults anyway.


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