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It's the best, getting Christmas (or holiday) cards from family and friends. As you may have read, I have two preferences when it comes to photo cards. First, I like to see the whole family, not merely the children or pets. Second, I appreciate receiving personalized messages -- even a simple, "Merry Christmas, dudes!" written on the back shows that the sender thinks about the receiver.

I can't believe I still say dude. I digress.

Pinhole Press is a quality printer, so I wanted to get quality cards this year. In the past I've been very happy with our cards. We used Vistaprint in 2009 with a terribly cheesy photo I don't dare print here (we were trying to be funny but I think we just looked awkward), tinyprints in 2010 to announce Ace's arrival, Vistaprint in 2011 with a professionally shot photo I gave text to and uploaded.

We took the photos ourselves (can't you tell?) which means Hawk and I look terrible awkward but at least the kids aren't blurry. I wanted to have more than one photo this year since it was so hard to get one of all of us looking semi-normal, and I knew I wanted to choose a card from their ultrathick pinstripe collection for grandparents, aunts and uncles who would keep the card for years. This is our actual pile, pictured above.

And we got the same card in regular stock for the friends who probably won't want to hang on to our faces for the next 20 years ;)

It takes a a few days to print them and the turn around is appropriate. Since we ordered Memory Cards with the Christmas card order we had to account for the extra custom printing. All in all we received them, with no rush and with Thanksgiving weekend in between, in about 10 days.

Want to hear the crazy part? I'm most pleased with the envelope. We used brown kraft envelopes for our wedding invitations, and I think envelopes in general set the tone for the what's in side. These envelopes, for both sets, are plush and textured.

We're sending the out this week. I've never been so early so I'm pumped!

What are you doing for your cards this year?



  1. I might be skipping cards this year...I was so good in years past and wanted to do one every year, but Grace's post made me realize it might be okay to take a year off.

  2. We used Paper Culture this year, which plants trees for each order. And we had our photos taken by an awesome pro-photographer this year and there was space for me to write a letter with updates. Pretty awesome.



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