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I often think about how great it would be to have my own space set aside for blogging, housekeeping organization like records, bills, files, and calendars, and a wall for images of inspiration. And of course there would be a small chair next to the window where I could steal away and read a book while partaking of a lovely glass of red.

Hawk and I have talked a lot lately about building our own home. I've always been drawn to older homes with stories and character and the wear-and-tear to match it, but Hawk isn't the lover of fixing things up as I am.

My personal pipe dream prerequisites:
Bright light streaming in
A table-desk with no storage, preferably old wood or clean white
Big windows or at least smaller windows with visual interest
Wall storage that can be seen -- nothing hidden from view
A cozy chair or industrial stool
Colorful artwork

Source: bhg.com via Angela on Pinterest

Happy Tuesday!


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