see you in February!

Source: lolitas.se via Jennifer on Pinterest

We've taken January off to regroup after a lot of holiday travels and visits. Rather unintentionally, but with traveling, the flu (damn this year's vaccine!), and pregnancy fatigue (with happily chasing the other two around all day), I'm totally gone mentally and physically.

And what do you think of the ribbons above? I'm thinking of doing something similar, sans lighting, for over Poppy's new crib. She's in the dark blue room, one day to be shared with her brother so the new baby has a place to rest in peace while they giggle through the evening, and these colors would look so good in that space.

Come February, I'll show you more. I plan on giving sleep priority after the necessities of house and home; let's just say I was in bed before my 25 month old son last night!

Love to all,


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