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I came across this book a while back but was only just able to request it from our local library. I love that it's about a place in Wisconsin (LOVE WISCONSIN) and a love for the cast-offs of others. The author, Tereasa Surratt, takes 150 items she and her husband discovered when investigating an old summer camp property they later purchased and renovated. She takes those singular 150 items and, over the course of a few years, finds their mates!

I'm only through the introduction and the first few pages but already I am excited and inspired by her approach to collecting. I've never been able to collect anything, never known where to start, but everything in this little book thus far is pretty much up my alley.

If you're in the Milwaukee area you'll find a half dozen copies you can get your hands on within a week. And as I settle through the book, I'll jump back here with some great finds.

I'm already planning a few flea market and rummage sale trips -- and it's only January! How do I wait another 4 months before they begin again?

How about you? Are you a rummager? A collector? A flea fiend?


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