epic fail : laundry risers

Hey friends, Hawk returns from a few days away on business, so posting is a bit spotty. Thanks for hanging in there!

I like this quote. Makes me feel optimistic about my epic fail(ure). 

Here's the scenario: I am motivated to make things happen in our house. I am tired of things being organized or disorganized in a way that inhibits my ability to make a great home. I want proper play spaces for the kids. I want laundry to be less chaotic and more streamlined. I want to declutter the main and second levels by decluttering the basement. 

And Hawk hates building projects. It's just not his thing. And I love building, organizing, painting (anything but trim, doors, and ceilings) --- for me, this work is just as creative as the painter, sculptor, and musician I so very much envy. It also means that to get a lot of things done I have to do them myself. And between the Little People's nap schedules and terror of electric drills, saws, etc., this is a challenge.

In our basement, our washer and dryer are, quite unfortunately, set 5 feet apart from each other, and this cannot be undone without professional rewiring/ducts/gas lines. They are set on the floor, and between my oft-pregnant belly, carrying babies/toddlers, and the plain ole why am I bending down so much ridiculousness that is floor-based washers and freezer-top refridgerators. There are no shelves above them after I removed a terrible make-shift attempt by previous owners. But this is a laundry area and with people living under far less desirable conditions I just can't justify much luxury there. 

My checklist:
1. Off the ground
2. Shelving space directly above the machines, not attached to the wall that I can't reach over the machines.
3. Clean lines, simple construction, just enough to ease the eye.

My inspiration:
Source: houzz.com via Julia on Pinterest

Before I show you the photos, let me tell you what I learned from this Epic Fail:
1. Just because I don't want to spend a lot of money on something doesn't mean I can go all-out cheap. Quality still matters and I have to trust my instinct above another's advice.
2. I cannot, I repeat that I cannot construct a everything without help. Bummer.

I won't even lead you through the process. Suffice it to say that I had old cabinets from a previous owner that I wanted to recycle as the riser base, and I'd purchased plywood to form the outer casing. I'd planned on added trim and a front face to the riser another time.

Seriously, what was I thinking? At least I didn't have to buy the paint I used. Total $$ lost : $9.00 on wood I won't use again.

Fail. Epic fail.

Be inspired by your greatness against my ineptitude:)


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  1. the fact that you tried is truly amazing. my dad built ours. do you want me to send him over and see how much it would cost for him to help you?


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