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Hawk and I were married almost five years ago, but we don't have a single photo from the event in our house. I hear that's pretty common these days because the experience of wedding photography often limits what a couple can afford to purchase later. Gone are the days of prints stuck in a photo album--now newlyweds have so much more to choose from.

I'm sure you know I've been a fan of Pinhole Press for years now, long before they joined the blog as a sponsor. We've made the grandparents albums of their time with the kids, a memory game, holiday cards, and now, my personal favorite, a wedding album!

I chose the 61-photo panoramic book with the classic khaki cloth spine. I've drooled over it for more than a year but this Valentine's Day, I'm finally going to give my sweetheart an heirloom we can enjoy now.

Hey, that's a great way to describe this book. An heirloom. There are many photobooks to choose from out there, but Pinhole Press gives us something unique. This is good quality: it feels good in my hands, pages fall open completely and photos are bright and sharp, the pages are smooth as a baby's bum, and the cloth spine is pressed perfectly.

Look at the detail and quality of the spine.
This Valentine's Day, Pinhole Press is offering thishawksnest readers a 10% discount! It need not be a particular Valentine's gift, as long as the order is placed before February 14th.

For example, we also picked up their brilliant 12-piece puzzle. Our kids love puzzles, and now that we're 2000 miles from home, we thought we'd use one of the latest pics of Hawks parents & siblings as a loving reminder of our roots.
The cutouts are simple and precise, and as you can see, the image retains its quality.
 And here it is, pieced together by our eldest.
Let us know if you grab something from Pinhole Press! You love it immediately, and it will be the gift that keeps on giving, passed around from hand to hand, time to time.



  1. Beautiful! I hope there's a close-up of your gift bearers. . . .

  2. So beautiful, my friend! The quality looks amazing. Back in the stone ages when I got married, nothing was digital. Our one album cost 2000 and photo sharing was next to impossible. I like yours MUCH BETTER>

    1. Anna, I'm betting you were as beautiful then as you are today!

  3. Grace, we do have a wonderful picture of you guys I'll have to send you. To me, you are the gift that keeps on giving (har har).


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