30 Challenge: Moodboard from Lavender&Lilies

Good morning, readers! This weekend was eventful and delightful. We partied it up old-school style, so more on that to come later in the week. 

I'm honored to host our second guest poster today: Jessica from Lavender & Lilies. I've been partaking of her style and grace for many months now, and I'm always pleased with the eye candy I receive. She's fun, she's fresh, and she's exactly 365 days younger than I am. How fun is that?!

Here's her post:

Hi!  I'm so glad to be guest blogging for Jennifer today!  My name is Jessica and I own the blog, Lavender and Lilies.  Jennifer asked me to post about something to do with the number 30.  I just turned 29 and so my 30th Birthday Party is definitely something I am looking forward to.  Here's my ideas for a perfect early Spring (because we are all craving Spring in early March) Birthday party.  Super cute filled with pastels and gorgeous blooms.  Enjoy!

For those of you unfamiliar with MoodBoards (normally not capitalized in such a way), here's a brief tutorial...

A moodboard is a collection of photographs, tangible items, etc., that showcase a particular color scheme and 'mood' you hope to bring out in whatever event or room you plan. In the above moodboard, we've got a very cheerful and yet sophisticated color scheme broken into relevant parts: invitation, decorating, lighting, cake, and flowers. 

Please mosey on over to Jessica's blog when you have the chance!

Thank you, Jessica! 


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