house perfect...possible?

What does this photo tell you about our weekend?

It tells you that we will be and have been painting, cleaning, possibly eating...no, definitely eating. And why?

First, we hosted a Sheepshead party last night. For those of you unfamiliar with the Midwest, Sheepshead (or Sheepheads if you're from MN) is a game similar to Juker in that it revolves around tricks and teams, but it's more like the Sopranos or Balderdash version of Juker. All manipulation, deceit, cunning, alliances, and strategy. And the house needs a little once-through.

Second, we're finally going to take pictures of the house! We've received a ton of hits on the "house tour" page only to leave you disappointed. My (jen) problem is that I want the house to be perfect. I want our art/photos/chalkboards on the walls, I want to paint our coffee table white, etc.

But we've just had too many requests for details of the house to put it off. And after all, who doesn't enjoy seeing a house in transition sometimes?

This week is a fun one for the 30 Challenge: 
we have two guest posts lined up, our first HouseNotMine session, and photos of the house in transition. Finally.

We're so grateful you join us each day. Let us know what you think of this week's posts!

~j & Hawk

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