books & an old pentax

the pentax. Dad Shedd owns two Honeywell Pentaxes from the early 60's. Well, owned. I lost the one he purchased, and he retains the one his father purchased. And that camera that he owned that I lost? He took it to Vietnam when he served as a medic. Dad, am I recalling this correctly?

Anyway, I'm secretly an addict of searching for another honeywell pentax online. I'm pretty sure someone stole it when I was moving to Tosa. They go for about $80-$260 now. I wonder how difficult it will be to find film in the coming years, as everything is going digital.

So when I came upon this photo below from SunnysBlog, I believed I'd found the perfect Bermuda triangle of my loves: books, camera, and a well-lit window seat. Nay, I still believe it.
Note, this camera is not a pentax. But this one is:
oh, I want one...

Perhaps this desire is due in part to the fact that I currently shoot all our photos with a camera from 2005 that has been dropped by myself and my friends more than four dozen times. And it's only 3.2 pixels. That's like talking about "taping" a show rather than dvr-ing it. Yeah. So knock not the photos you see here...The only great thing about it is that I took it to Germany & France in 2005, so it's like a poor version of my father's. And, let's face it, I own a camera that works. I'm thankful.

What do you shoot with? Let us know!



  1. I hope I hear more, too. I'm need a good camera!

  2. Excellent incorporation of the word 'Nay' into your blog! So subtle, so unexpected, yet satisfying. :)


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