housewalking and quaking earth

Ever experienced an earthquake? I've experienced three: the first was in college here in Wisconsin, the second when I stayed in a cabin on a lake with a friend for one summer in Alaska (how do you like them prepositional phrases, baby?! count 'em, 6), and the third was this morning.

The street that runs perpendicular to ours, just two houses south of us, is undergoing major work. Our whole village has seen little on its side streets but this sort of demolition. All morning, our glassware, dishes, and pretty breakable things on bookshelves have been loudly tinkling together while the whole house actually shakes.  Yikes.

Onto our Tuesday housewalking session...

I confess, we saw this one a few months ago. It's still for sale, unfortunately for the buyer. And while the facade is rather simple (the red door really makes the front view special), the interior is fantastic! So this is a little teaser. Tomorrow, we'll give you a tour of the interior.

Here's to the hope that our house doesn't quake down before we've lived in it a year...


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