orange you gonna get a tree?

We usually get a frasier fir Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a tradition begun by my parents when I was a child growing up in northern Wisconsin (think, I could be in Canada in 30 minutes northern Wisco). We would drive the short drive to Polar, WI, and hit up a tree farm. There were two dogs: Serge the German shepherd & something-I-can't-remember that was red and fluffy and looked like it belonged in Victorian England rather than the upper midwest. And we would playfully argue for a fatter, taller tree, and my mom would playfully protest that we just didn't "have enough room!"

With Ace due pretty soon, I'm nervous we won't get a tree before they're all picked over and we end up with Charlie Brown's cast-off.

So I sort of want to get two of these and put white lights on them...

image found here
Wouldn't that be pretty?


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