better late than never

So, we're learning. We have the most wonderful little boy, and we're discerning every day what he needs, wants, and should have just because we love him. Not gonna lie---I'm exhausted. I've been back to work full-time for 2 weeks now, and with Hawk back from paternity leave (yup, his job gave him 2 weeks!!!), we're now in the thick of reality. This is what it's going to be like. Honestly, I'm going a bit bonkers. I think about Hawk and Ace pretty much every second of the day. And while I really have one the best jobs around, it is quite the challenge to feel like I'm giving to the job without sacrificing something of Ace. That kills. So I'd rather be exhausted and attending to his needs, paying attention to him when we're together, and wondering how I can love him better.

Thus, it was GREAT to take a load off this past weekend. We went to a friend's for dinner Saturday night and took Sunday nice and slow. Now, I grew up in Green Bay. I was there when Favre took us to the Superbowl in '97. My parents make this great taco soup with cornbread just about every game day. We even purchased 2 plots of Frozen Tundra when they sold off the field block by block. But it wasn't until I married a Milwaukee man that we decided to buy Packer gear.

Here we are. We purchased these items the day of the Packers-Bears game. Excuse the watermark. My new Mac doesn't have the correct fonts...Oh, and we purchased BOTH of these in the KIDDIE section! That's right. Cheaper and nice and tight. Hawk did buy "husky" though. Nothing like a husky man.

Ace now has 3 onesies to choose from. You can't see it here because we dressed him in the most adorable white polar bear coverall (we have one brown and one blue on for later growth). 
Precious, eh?

Hope you're having a lovely week! Tomorrow, we'll go for a funky Etsy Friday. See you then!


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